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Easy to use

Our digital photo frames are easy to set up and the pictures are crystal clear quality. There are also lots of fun options to change the way you display pictures.

Digital Frames
Good quality

Avalon Display’s products use high quality screens which are surrounded and protected by frames that are strong and practical yet also visually attractive. Inquire Now

Digital Frames
Help to keep all those precious memories
Digital Frames

The digit photo frame is a perfect way, in today’s technological age, of storing and displaying precious family photos. Gone are the days of the cumbersome family photo albums, the new technology allows 100’s of photos to be portable, accessible and take up much less space than in the past.

Enjoy laughing and having the best of times

You can enjoy your photos, videos and audio in an all-digital format.

Digital Frames

Multimedia Experience

Connect a storage device such as a USB hard drive, USB flash drive, or insert an SD card into the photo frame to access your media content. Transfer and store files quickly and easily from your personal computer to the frame's 4GB of built-in memory with the included USB 2.0 cable. A compact remote is included for ease of operation and control.